Saturday, 20 June 2009

Walkin' 'round the edge of the park (a song).

Here amongst the verdant space of my life
I'm surrounded by concrete and neon signs.
Don't go out after dark; walk within the shade.
Walkin' 'round the edge of the park's where I feel safe.

I used to know the path that led across the green expanse.
But now I know only the edge around my hazy plans.

Walkin' 'round the edge of the park, I see people on the green.
I see faces I think I've seen but hear things I've never heard.
I could walk through the trees around the boundary -
Where I cannot see and I cannot be seen.

I used to know the swings when I'd dream that I could fly.
If you'd push too hard I'd cry; if you'd let go I would sigh.

I used to know my hands like the savant knows his palms;
Like the couple know their qualms; like a winter-city calm.
Walkin' 'round the edge of my destiny,
I'm skating on the ice of a boundless sea.

I can view a time in summer in which I'll thrive.
I will maybe one day feel free to be able to be able to dive into the sea.

Verse chords:

E min 022000
B7/F# 221202
C7/G 332000
E min 022000

Chorus chords:

Amin x02210
Em 022000
B7/F# 221202
C7/G 332000

Amin x02210
Em 022000
B7/F#flat13 221203
B7/F#11 221200
B7/F# 221202

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