Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Moment

I remember the time
I played guitar alone
on a beach in Limnos,
watching the sun rise

It was nice to be alone.
It would be nice to go
back to that moment
with you, maybe make
love on that beach.
But that moment has gone.

We chase after silence,
the clamour inside us chasing us to it,
but we can never achieve it.

But I'm close:
the thought spills a word,
disturbs the silence,
but the feeling hangs in presence,
emanating like ripples on a pond.

If there's one thing I know,
it's that there are very few
moments of perfection
in our lives, because we
do not allow them
to be perfect:

we must not snatch the moments
of our lives,
but let them be.
Learn from them,
live in the new ones -
each one a chance
to be free.

A Joke

Some people treat
life as a joke.
And then they croak.

Never woke up
until it was too late,
and by then
it was time to go to sleep
for ever.

So don't wait:
make living
your first exhibit.

Ribbit, ribbit.