Tuesday, 8 September 2009


When hearts as free as wolves released
are out on high to roam as beasts
they plumb the depths and scale the heights,
like anchors tethered to willful kites.

The nights are long and people are free
to sing what songs grant them fecundity.
And as beer-sozzled minds trail off in haste
our actions oft leave a bitter taste.

Such closeness is shared and feelings are expressed
in such rapid succession that we love and detest
in the same moment, 'til our minds stop and say:
you could have it any other way.

I stand in the corner like some ignominious crow -
like some field in waiting for seeds to sow;
and I laugh heartily and let my fears pass the latch,
even though I fear and feel detached.

The girls all dance and sing their songs
whilst men drone on in irksome throngs.
Yet what brilliant couples couples make
when they're coupled in love for coupling's sake.

A drunken ramble at 2am
will seem inscrutable in the morning.
And like the Sun in rising to greet us,
renewed feelings will start dawning.

In drunken revelry we share
the nights, like fireflies that elude;
we drink, though we know we might crumble,
and wait for passion's food.

I try to numb this numbness with alcohol
and yet a frozen shroud creeps over my skin.
I don't know what my life means,
but at least when I'm hungover I'll feel something.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


The cigarette-puffing hipster Hicks
Died at thirty-two years of age.
He was the voice of a silenced America.
He personified the stage.

Lenny Bruce killed himself
At fourty years of age.
He served four months for obscenity.
He was too young to meet the grave.

Jimi Hendrix died
At just twenty-seven.
We stood all along the watchtower
To watch him ascend to Heaven.

Jim Morrison was young
When he kicked the bucket.
When faced with the dick of corporate bullshit
He swore to never suck it.

Like stars of searing brilliance
They didn't last too long.
Their bulks were too big to sustain
So they burst in fiery song.

Some stars burn brightly
With controlled fusion.
Thank God Carlin and Pryor
Didn't succumb to illusion.

Cobain and Christ and Ledger
Died before their time.
Supernovas are born every minute,
And, boy, when they go do they shine.