Saturday, 20 June 2009


Well, I went walking through your mind.
I saw many things that I liked,
And I know that you know what you know.
But there's still doubt fresh in your mind
When there should be none.

Well, I've seen the stars behind your eyes,
Yet I've seen the clouds come rolling in
Time and time again.
Oh, you don't know what you have.
You don't take note
Of the things you possess
And it's hard to contest with the fact
That we live in a time in which people are well,
Yet jostling like the damned in hell.

And I've seen the wonders in your eyes.
You've made this mild man a more wild man
And I've seen beyond your disguise.
Your disguise won't get you far.
I've seen beyond your scars.
I know you're more perfect than I assumed.

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