Saturday, 20 June 2009

I'm in love with you (a song).

I don't know what to do;
I am so in love with you.
And this could be my final chance
To set about a romance.
This may not be something big
But I'm in a dump and I am Stig.
If you only knew how prepared I am
You wouldn't doubt I'm a man.


I just wanna give you what you want.
I just wanna give you what I think you need.
And if there's room inside your heart
There's room enough for me.


Oh, my head's in a daze -
I have entered a blurry phase.
You fill me up with potential.
Now watch my lips as I spill.
I'd go crazy without you.
I'm stuck in a rut but you pull me through.
And I'm not one for Hindu beliefs -
I've only this life and I want to achieve.


Who'd have known love causes pain.
Well, I've been struck but I don't refrain.
I'll keep chasing the gap you leave
'Til you stand still for me.
I am one who loves life -
Just relax; don't make strife.
I respect your decisions
But I don't judge them as I should.


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