Saturday, 20 June 2009

I used to know you well (Dover, 1945).

I used to know you well.
We both went through hell.
I wonder where you are.
I wonder what you've done.
I wonder how you've grown.
I wonder who you've known.
I used to know you well;
You used to ring my bell.
We used to play ball games -
Despite what signs had claimed.
We used to roam the parks.
We used to own the dark.
We used to feel so free
In a crushing society.
We used to revel in
The moments that were thin.
I used to know you well.
I think I'll ring your bell.
We both thought we'd die.
But, oh, how we've survived.
Though days are numbered, sure,
Life's an open door.
Life's an open door.

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