Saturday, 20 June 2009

The first time.

The first time I saw your face
My heart felt so out-of-place.
It could not sustain the sight
I embraced with my two eyes.

The first time I heard you speak,
I could scarcely make a peep.
Every tone of every word
Was the best I ever heard.

The first time I kissed your lips
My joints felt so unequipped.
Luckily, I had my spine;
Though you made me feel supine.

The first time that we made love,
We felt the softness of each push and shove.
We both kissed with heavy breath.
Le petit mort - the little death.

The first time that you told me
A baby was inside of thee,
I went out to take a walk.
You cried, wishing we would talk.

The first time I became a man,
I accepted that my glans
Had created this new life
And the ring betokened her my wife.

The last time I looked at her
Her quiet smile made me stir.
There is love behind those eyes.
There is life within my child.*

*This poem is dedicated to Sufjan Stevens and his 'Vito's Ordination Song' (Track 15 of Michigan).

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