Saturday, 20 June 2009

The underworld.

Leave behind what you see;
Fold away your eyes and come with me.
You will see that underneath
The world you know is a different place.

Nothing's truly sacred -
Only what we regard.
Everything's of interest;
Even if it's not an art.

The world is active all the time.
Listen to its dance and rhyme.
The trees are slow and they behave
Like watchful elders - how they're sage.

The Earth's core is churning and the furnaces are burning.
The plates are always moving;
Colliding and grooving.
And in the earth there's a trace
Of animals that validate
The passing of time's slowest pace.
Life is an eternal race.

Many years have yet to come.
Uncertainty is in the Sun.
But certainly our minds are numb;
Who's to say this was ever begun?

Impoverished imaginations
Can't contemplate the vacillations
Of the events that shaped our Earth.
But maybe one day our eyes will work.

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