Saturday, 20 June 2009

Two lovers.

Where are you?
I am here.
Here with you.
And I know it's cold but
We can chase away all the snow;
We'll bask in the warmth of love's welcoming glow.

And in my world
There's a girl
With a heart
Whose kindling needs a spark.

Where are you?
I am here
In your room
And it's cold,
But our love will not fold.

In my gaze
Is a girl
And her face causes a swell
In my heart.
If she knew
The control
She exerts over me,
She'd purchase my soul.

In her world,
There's a boy
Who's brave and yet coy
And she's tethered to him -
His every whim
She entertains.
She's dynamite
From her toes to her brain.

In my mind
I am weak
And I feel I can't speak
But she compels me.
And with every word
I'll try to please my little bird.

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