Saturday, 20 June 2009

Eyes open; eyes closed.

I open my eyes and what do I see?
A wave of self-denial envelops me.
I'm curious at the size of it all.

I gaze into the depths of your being
And I don't like what I'm seeing;
Mirrored in you I see how I fall.

I look up at the night to view the stars
And points of light paint the visage
Of a boundless sky;
But somewhere it must end.

The Sun and Moon are changing shifts
Eternally, with their time split.
And we are here because of them.

The morning sunshine stirs to life
The plants and birds like a piercing knife;
The morning sunshine stirs the living.

Oh, everyday, without fail,
My mind is tired and trite and small,
And yet I crave to know it all.
With knowledge I'll pay my own bail.

I open my eyes, whilst you close yours.
You open your eyes, and mine remain closed.
I breathe in whilst you breathe out.
We exhale in preparation to be filled again.

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