Saturday, 20 June 2009

A single man. (A terrified man who's found himself in a Benny Hill sketch.)

A single man upon the pavement feels terror on the street.
His eyes glide from woman to woman as he steps with giddy feet.

A single man feels beleaguered and overwhelmed
When a tirade of elligible bachelorettes comes a-crashing on his shell.

A single man will feel a rapt sense of disgust
When every woman passing is just flesh-encased lust.

A single man, it seems, may never be free
Unless a valid reason for being single there be.

A single man is swolen on introversion,
Yet expounds extroversion in noisy, brief aspersions.

A single man is wont to sleep eternal in the rafters of his ceiling,
Until a woman curious enough to do his emotional laundary irons out his feelings.

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