Saturday, 20 June 2009

How to successfully justify mass-murder.

I believe in what you don't.
I've been duped by those who'd have you think there's progress;
Here, there's only regress.
I believe that there's a god.
Mine has a small 'g'.
Why does yours not?
Is mine just a deity?
Is mine just false piety?

Well, I'm gonna kill.
I'm gonna do
Just what others did in the past
To fight for you.

I'm gonna defend every last syallable -
Even when all the books are burned.
I've been brainwashed.
I've been sold
A means of living to keep me controlled.

There is no 'good';
There are only morals.
There are no gods;
Just religious quarrels.
There is no faith;
Just a way to ignore
The knob of the intellectual door.

We need some reassurance.
Did our gods take out insurance?
Well, the universe may die in the future.
For what it's worth,
With the cold facts I'm quite pleased -
No winning parties.

Just choose your superstition.
Take up your position.
Christians, Muslims and Jews.
Scientologists, homeopaths and Hindus.
I've had enough of it.

There's beauty regardless of what you think.
We're here by chance;
We could go in a blink.
Be thankful. Rejoice.
Be worldly - it's your choice.
Raise your children to question all.
Teach them to stand, lest they should fall.

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