Saturday, 20 June 2009

A life in waiting (a song).

A life in waiting.
I search for meaning.
I may find something
I can hold onto.

I'm searching the faces
For signs of humanity.
But I can't see the truth
Because of my own disparity.

But I'll go on searching, anyway;
Before my sorrows eat the day away.
I go on searching for something to nurture my soul.
I go on looking for the piece of the jigsaw to make me whole.

Down corridors; in viewless rooms
I stare at the flickering lights,
As people burst before they bloom
And go trundling into the night.

In cocktail bars and smoking rooms
People discuss today's affairs,
As if talking about the goings-on
Will ease deaths occuring everywhere.

A life in waiting.
A life in waiting.
The world's your oyster,
But it's poisoned with mercury.*

*So let's begin the clean-up operation.


A minor
A minSus4
A minSus2
E maj
C maj
C maj7
F maj
G maj
D maj

I'll upload shortly to Youtube.

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