Saturday, 20 June 2009

Livin' as a social oddity (a song).

Livin' as a social oddity,
There's a ring of friends and then there's me.
I've become a social chimpanzee,
Livin' as a social oddity.

I waltz up and I see them flee -
They like cheddar and I like brie.
Yes, I've always been a posh one me.
But as a consequence I'm an untuned key.


Oh, I'm living behind rose-coloured spectacles.
The world is much more rosie to mine eye.
I'm a ravenous pig and the world's delectable.
But I'm just a little bit shy-eye-eye.
I'm just a little bit shy-eye-eye.

Livin' as a social oddity,
In my head there's room for three.
Yes, it can be said I'm a little spaced
But it's awfully roomy in my place.

Livin' as a social oddity,
My world-view is a little twee.
All life's problems resolve themselves
If accept you're odd and can laugh at yourself.


I'll do annything you wanna do
'Cause my outlook is a little skewed.
Laughing at the things I see.
Won't you all come along and-a-giggle with me?

We will form a grand parade
Formed of trinkets that we've made.
We'll go to the shore and pass by the sea.
Now bob along in time with me.


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