Saturday, 20 June 2009

Forget who you are.

Forget who you are; you have no face -
it's just a tag for other's to trace.
Our flesh is the same: destined for dirt.
We're not destined for the stars,
but we were born in them for sure.

Forget who you are and become one with nature.
We're under her influence and can never sedate her.
Science is progress and reason is hope.
But progress brings danger when faith obscures our scope.

Forget who you are, and don't trap yourself in mirrors.
What you have is short, and beauty works with fickle fingers.
Love is the key to liberate our souls.
But love can be a cage when love goes down the hole.

A treatise on humanity; 
a look into the soul.
Soul in inverted commas, 'cause life ends when flesh turns cold.
And there's no God to keep us; no fanciful notions to behold.
The bare facts are all we have.

Warmth abounds but we're tuned for cold.
Warmth abounds but we're tuned for cold.

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