Saturday, 20 June 2009

Today could be a good day.

It could be a good day.
I guess the weather will dictate
What we do and say.
But I would rather love than hate.
Hate's too strong a word;
Such a feeling's so absurd.
So I'll smile and refrain.
Even whilst the rain taps my window pain.
Say, where are you from?
Come along and say.
Hey, what do you believe?
Can't say I agree but I'll entertain.
There's lots of work so don't you shirk;
Come into the light.
It's a dark, dark world
And it gets darker every day.
So there's all the more reason for you to be bright.
(Pockets of light flare in a massive way.)
Knowledge can bear all the brunts of ignorance.
Don't hanker after the past;
Do what you can whilst you have the chance.

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