Saturday, 20 June 2009

A song for Sarah.

Sarah, won't you marry me?
This ring's a life-raft 'cause I'm in deep.
I don't believe we're bound by God
But it's still a token of my love.


I'll do anything for you.
Anything for you.
I love you.
I'll do anything for you -
dive into the blue.
I love you.

Ever since the day we met
I stopped winding 'round like a cassette.
You're open to anything I say.
And I'll leave you flowers at your gate.


Life is over when we die;
There are no castles in the sky.
So carpe diem I live by -
I seize the moments before they fly.


Interlude (using power chords)

And I will write a novel just for you.
I'll compose a symphony and sell my shoes.
I'll eat sand if you're feeling cruel.
I'll be Peter Pan - I'm your fool.
We'll fly away to the Netherlands
And get stoner-faced in Amsterdam.

Sarah, won't you marry me?
My eyes are glazed and I can't see.
Love has made me stumble 'round,
But I'm not stumbling blindly now.


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