Saturday, 20 June 2009

Freaks (from the neck up) - a song.

There are far too many freaks today
Clouding the crowd.
They're jostling for their peaks today;
They want it all now.


Oh, it's not enough.
Oh, it's not enough.

Their dignity is reserved
For a table at which no one sits.
They stagger about town
Like stripped-down clowns.


These birds have larger beaks today -
They peck at the grain.
They all just want to feed and say
That they're not plain.


They all spout that they know when they don't.
They're cocksure and sure of nothing at all.

They're dying. I'm dying.
We're dying. They're dying
From the neck up.


F# xx4322
F# flat7 xx4320
F#9 xx4324
A maj x02220
B maj xx4442
E maj 022100

I'll upload a video shortly to Youtube to show the strumming pattern - if anyone would like to know how to play it.

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