Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A poem about a picture - Thanksgiving (John Currin).

Three girls:
the one
to the left
is skinny
as chicken bone
and is feeding
to her acquaintance.

They could be sisters.
The one to the right
is mulling
over broken flowers
and looks numb -
not even

The table is dressed
with a turkey,
an onion,
red grapes,
and a herb (maybe rosemary).

What seems
an empty Christmas
could be full
sisterly weirdness.

The one in the middle
being fed
is beautiful:
maybe the other two
are servant girls
(but what an odd

The room is basic
an yet grand;
the colours brown,
like earthly mound,
and in this spirited
spiritless picture
of decay
life is seen
in palette grey.

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