Saturday, 4 July 2009

We ignore.

We ignore what's not pleasing to us;
And it fills me with fear
About the future for us;
Death bells ring in my ears.
And outside the theatre of war,
People live in misery.
We're sedated by our easy lives -
We're shackled; not free.
I want to go to a place
And have my tongue tied.
I want to hear musicians play
The music that gives them pride.
We live in a glorious time
And people are self-glorified.
They hear their peppy songs.
They drink their diet Sprite.

But all I want
Is to get away from this
Population of miscreants.
We've filled our pots up with piss.

But I shall think and hope
A better life's within our scope.
All we need is the drive
To sustain a form of paradise.
I pray for the sun as I stand to watch the dusk.

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