Tuesday, 14 July 2009


In the 1800s to the mid-20th century
'Gay' meant to be happy; 'gay' meant to be free.
(Then the meaning suddenly changed to encompass debauchery.)

Synonyms emerged - from 'queer', to 'poof', to 'fag'.
Gay people were purged just because fanny wasn't their bag.
Muslim men kill homosexuals in the Middle East.
Christians once did, too, 'cause they thought being gay a beast.

Gay men take most of the stick*;
It appears lesbians don't get much trouble.
Sexual persecution is wrong.
Some people live in homophobic bubbles.

Christians like to tell gay men where to put certain things.
I say: take your religion and jam it up your rings!

So, the common vernacular is now 'homosexual'.
It's better to take a cock than to never have sex at all.
And if you disagree about certain sexual proclivities,
Don't be so imprudent as to intrude on other people's private activities.

*No pun intended!

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