Friday, 17 July 2009

The curse of consciousness.

What would a bee be if not a bee?
Collecting pollen for the brood and the queen.
Evil in nature does not exist;
Nor does goodness in its felicitous bliss.

Good and evil are human concepts;
Other animals are without moral reflection.
Only the human animal can accept
That it has some sense of moral direction.

The only 'evil' perpetuated in this life
Is delivered by mankind's hand.
No other animal cares to ask why
It must roam the seas or land.

Orchids and rainbows just are;
There is no inherent goodness in beauty.
Only humans can truly scar
With their notions of neglect and duty.

If there is a deity up above
Let us not thank it for jocund felicity;
Let us deplore it for not dealing in love,
But rather in famine, war, death and misery.

All of our human emotions
Are merely evolutionary abstractions;
Only humans feel devotion;
Only humans feel inaction.

Whilst birds and insects flutter
People project human qualities upon reality.
It matters not a word we utter;
Only humans deal in morality.

Love exists in all animals;
It's just a biological necessity.
But humans have higher brains
And feel enamoured with levity.

Only humans feel 'human' love;
But only humans deal in hate.
No other animal will kill its own
For revenge or God or gain.

The Earth's beauty is neutral.
Sunsets care not for mortal eyes.
Only humans can mask being brutal
With religion's 'purposeful' disguise.

Don't take solace in colour or gaiety;
This world is not meant for you.
Don't put your faith in any deity.
Don't spend your days living blindly in a tomb.

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