Saturday, 11 July 2009

Cats and dogs.

I paw at your skin
As I knead your lap.
I sniff at my food
And exit through the flap.

I bark at strangers
And open my jaw;
I pant, almost smiling,
And my tongue hangs down to the floor.

I swipe at the string
And meow in expectation.
I cry out in want;
I purr to calm your frustration.

I fetch the stick
Like some floppy-eared slave.
I'll love you always;
I'll wait at your grave.

You tamed us when we were wild
And put us in your abodes.
We sleep by the fire.
Our ears prick up at the phone.

We're curious when strangers
Through your doors walk.
We're your furry companions.
We're your cheese and chalk.

Cats and dogs are different;
Cats are proud; dogs are timid.
But a dog will let you know
When it thinks it's winning.

One is man's best friend;
The other, a woman's chum.
When we die, you'll remember our days.
But think: oh, what fun! How we larked and played.

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