Saturday, 11 July 2009


We put spin on everything you see.
Do you feel dizzy? You should.
Everything you watch or listen to has been arranged,
Designed and written.
The music that accompanies the shows you watch
Is meant to elicit emotion.
Your reaction means everything to us.
We control everything you see;
Everything you read, watch and hear.
We plan your lives so you don't have to.

We try to tell you how it is;
But not how it should be.
Those of us who do tell you
Are compelled by hidden agendas.
The good people are silenced and ridiculed;
Pinned as mavericks and militants.
The harbingers of misery are really the prophets of peace.
Others will have you seduced by fancy and insulated within your Comfy lives.
We control your governments.
We put words in their mouths and cash in their hands;
We remove all doubt from their minds.
We've invested a lot in you.
One day, we're going to collect what you owe us.

Spin is in everything you read.
You can't escape it.
But do try to remove yourself from it all briefly.
Try to poke your head through the clouds
And see clearer air.
Progress isn't far off,
But the door to the next room is locked.
Who holds the key?
Use your hearts and see.
Just love.
Listen to people.
See both sides.
Remain in the middle; be un-biased.
Be moral.
Don't be swayed by one argument.
Always look for manipulation and mistruths.
Never lie.
Never use.
Never squander.
Never give up your dreams.
Fight for a better tomorrow;
Fight for a better today.
And think for yourself.

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