Saturday, 4 July 2009


Recently, I can't sleep;
My life's too vibrant for dreams.
A few drops of LSD
Ought to perk me up like high-strength coffee.
I've been witnessing ill-effects.
The crystals and bubbles roll off my breath.
The devil came and fiddled a tune.
God shook his fist from his air balloon.
And all the grass was motioning
Like the blades were one without the wind.

Recently, I can't sleep.
The light just won't let the dark in.
I see the clouds-a-roll
Like they're bantering with such cajole.
I can't help but laugh.
I'm such a sorry waste of mass.
LSD fried my brain.
If I weren't so wired I'd prob'ly feel insane.

I conversed with my animal friends
And the DDT-dead ones rose again.
I had to check my feet were treading earth;
I thought I was in the stirrups about to give birth.
LSD, pass it around.
I'm waiting for Lucy to come down.
I had a vision of Gabriel.
He said Mohammed had been popping pills.
There's no better opprobrium
Than a trip to cloud-cuckooland on opium.
I saw a wicker cow.
Her wicker teats bloodied my mouth.

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