Wednesday, 20 January 2010

No matter.

No matter how obscene you think it -
no matter how crazy they say it might be -
a crazy thought is not the preserve
of a crazy mind
or a violent sea.

A thought is all yours:
an expression of you;
and it matters not that others tell you
that you're a fruit
or cuckoo.

Don't worry on keeping quiet
or keeping your thoughts within;
your thoughts are for you -
they're not for others' whims.

They say that it's 'random',
but that's such a facile word.
The only thing that's random
is that their aims are so absurd

as to try to shut you up;
as to try to dumb you down;
and put you in a suit,
and cavort you about town -

like a monkey on a string,
or a child with a noose;
or some colourless thing,
like a dead and lame goose.

No matter what they say;
no matter what they do;
your tomorrow is today,
and you
are you,
are you.

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