Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kaleidoscopic mind breaking down into fractured colours.

The Lengf,
And breadf,
And hight
Of my mind
Is braking down

Into some sort of
Of pretty patterns
Wich I cant read;
Cant understand.

I tri to cry,
But feelings are nummed.
Where has my mind gon?

The lengf,
And breadf,
And hight
Of my mind,
Is becuming a singularity.

Everyfing I wunce new,
Wich was wunce blue,
Is now red,
And ritten
In a language I cant understand.

Im trapped
In a prison
Of my own constructshun.

Its not my falt.
Everyfing is ugly,
And becuming unreadable.
But the skys still so beautyful.

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