Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I thought I was an iconoclast
Until someone came along
And smashed to pieces
Everything I thought I believed.

My vessel drained
Below half empty
And I was left
Feeling aggrieved.

But I'll fill myself up
With new information
And I'll get back
On the road of truth;

I'll look at the world
Once again
Through piercing blue eyes
Without ruth.


  1. Robert,

    Thanks so much for visiting. Your comments were extremely original, thought-provoking, and I am grateful. Also, I think moderating your 'ABOUT ME' page was wise. Believe me, if I felt I could comment about your longer poems, I would; I just have never had the abilty to do so. Please try a few haiku and/or tanka. Best wishes.....old pajamas

  2. I'll try to shorten them for you. :P