Saturday, 19 January 2013

An Over-Arching Politics

And now
a shameless exercise
in Green Preaching,
a life beseeching
an over-arching

we are one with the Earth,
with ourselves,
and in this war 
of man against matter
and man against man
and man against life

we are all on the same side.

We might think we're not;
the differently drawn
battle plans.
But we always were.
And we always will be.

As all eyes shift
to our children's gazes,
to our lovers' hands:
can you put a cap
on love?

Now we stare out to sea;
we stand there

pensively, and

The ships on the horizon:
are they coming or going?
Or will we build an Ark,
a life raft,

to rein us in, keep us warm,
whilst the world gets 
quietly snowing?

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