Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Realisation

I once thought I measured my pulse
by your heartbeat.
Now, I could just as easily say
get the fuck out of my life.

But that's no way
to go about it;
I'd rather say,
I'm happy for you

and now I realise
I was wrong
and I'm thankful
you withheld your right.

But enough with splitting hairs
and splitting binary pairs:
let me just sum up...

I will be there with you
and help your cup to grow
but I won't be the one
to make it overflow:

everything you do, my friend,
will always fill mine:
love's a thing to share in,
a thing for two to care in,

and I'll be there
with you at the end
of this long 
and golden life...

But enough of that:
here's to the living.
Pass the glass, 
pour the wine.