Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Comparison

I thought I was guarded
but your walls make mine
look positively usurped, Ace-carded,
yours becoming a picket line.

You won't let me in,
I know that. 
Only on a level which 
provides no sustenance.

But whilst I can go hungry,
living on spirit alone,
I will not be left outside like a dog,
wounded, calling my owner.

I will find my own home one day:
maybe you're willing me on to this
and if this is the case
then I thank you.

I will keep my Mongolian Horde
from your Great Wall;
but it will fall one day
and I'll be sad to see it razed.

You know, it's just not the kind 
of love I want: I won't be a haunt, 
nor a ghost. But I want to be haunted - 
I want that the most.

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