Thursday, 28 June 2012

I Will Show You Love

I will give you sheep's grass and lay you down so low,
swinging you breezily where the rat-race never goes.
I will take you to penny-arcades and two-bit rides on the pier,
put you in a go-cart - I'll even let you steer.
And when we slow I'll sweep back your hair, whisper in your ear.
I'll descend down from Heaven, on a zephyr from above.
And I will give you summertime, I will show you love.

I will dream of children when I look into your eyes,
and I'll forget the stars because you've given me the skies.
I will run through thunderstorms then step out into spring,
present to you my heart, in two butterfly halves, wing
it onto you, and then present you with a ring.
I'll put you up on a pedestal, on my shoulders, on a bluff,
for I will send you skywards: I will show you love.

I will take your hand, my love, protect you through this life.
My tongue shall be a sleeping beast, my hands two sharpened knives.
I will walk on by your side, carry you when you're weak,
and though you think I'm strong, I'll show you that I'm meek,
and all the while I have you, you will yet be the one I seek.
Because there's so much in you - not just a peaceful dove.
You're the eagle; I'm Prometheus, and I will show you love.

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