Tuesday, 3 July 2012

And the Truth is...

Turn, turn and
burn and burn.

There is no Hell below us,
no Heaven above - Lennon
had that right.
The only realms about us
are the ones left
in our sight.

Betwixt us only humans.
So turn and turn
and burn and burn.

Need we spurn?
Or will we learn?
When will we learn?

There is no Heaven.
There is no Hell.
The only Hell we need fear
is the one we'll inherit on Earth;
and the only Heaven we need savour
is the one that awaits us
inside our flesh,
the one that waxes thickly
on the foliage of trees,
right here

Deep and deep.
Green and green.

And God does not exist.
Tongueless old man.
He could not judge a boxing match
even if He were a pair of fists.

Even if He had the odds and the cash
and was brash and brazen enough
to play the knock-out in the fifth
he'd still lose in the long-run on the fix.

And Jesus is the butter 
to my bread,
not the bread itself.
That stays in my heart,
in my flesh,
right there on the shelf.

I can feel the fear,
feel the flames licking at me.
But I won't fan them.
They say fight fire with fire.

But fuck that for fuel.
I'll use my mind, not coal-oil.
It's a much better tool;
it won't ever expire.

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