Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Baby, Flood Me

Baby, flood my body with the light;
scrape out the darkness with female bite.
Take me and carry me in your sight.
Trawl my bed and clear my head,
carry me, you bird of prey: I'll be your kite.

Baby, flood me down deeper with cool water,
flood me down deeper than I care to go
and drown out the bottom of this ocean
and oceanless I'll follow, to and fro
in the desert of your love: I'll let you
launch your sun at my back from above.

Baby, flood me: flood out the darkness.
Balance me on your scales, your scales of light.
I'll never dread the bread of our love's communion
for in that exchange, that fleshy union
you give me the eye of the eye of the eye of your sight.

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