Saturday, 11 December 2010

Enrich yuself.

Enrich yuself:
you take a tincture
of red earth
and 'ply it 'pon
Get me?

You dig deeply
of your Mother Earth
and let her essence
get inside your nostrils;
the dirt is just another sibling:
disrespect can cause argument.

Enrich yuself:
you got to get that clay
on your fingertips.
It's like skin;
a second skin
that reminds you of your own.

Enrich yuself:
you got to strive.
Get me?
You got to survive:
be strong.
Pity is for the weak.

Enrich yuself:
you must raise up
or crush
your father.
To become a man,
you must consume

the bones of fresh fish,
break dem kola nut,
drink dem palm-wine.
Enrich yuself:
the heart of Nigeria,
the Gold Coast

and the Carribean
are different faces
of the same mother:
you spend your whole life
looking for her,
but she is everywhere.

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