Saturday, 11 December 2010

A case of aphorism.

Everything in life is arbitrary;
the only thing that is not arbitrary
is that there is life, and that we live.
Life is down to chance,
and chance plays by its own rules;
chance is never arbitrary.

He said to her:
'I would like to partake in the
human experience with you',
and she glimmered
like the tongue of a serpent
smelling words.

'My dear,' she said, 'everything is always
a case of aphorism with you,
isn't it?'
And with that, she slipped on the ring,
turned around,
and looked into his eyes.

'Yes, I will dance with you in this game;
I will stroke the world through your eyes,
whilst keeping mine as best as I can.'
She turned around and looked into the mirror.
He slipped 'round her neck the pearl necklace,
and kissed deeply of her neck.

She smiled ruefully, with coquetry,
like a feminist maid
in a high castle, playing with a book of contradictions.
The world is dancing like a ballroom,
and we are free to slip on our shoes and move
whenever the sound of music takes our fancy.

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