Thursday, 16 December 2010

The all-knowing mind.

One of the tragedies of
the all-knowing mind
is that it knows all,
but soon forgets to know
what's most important
is that brief flicker:

it knows what to do
in young age,
it knows what to expect;
but it hasn't the foresight
of age's hindsight.

All that our future selves
scream back to us
is lost in our living;
the prisons of seconds
are completely segregated.

The all-knowing mind
says, 'yes, old man:
I know what to expect;
I know what to do;
I know in what manner to live'.

And then it blanks out
the voice of that experience
for the experience of immediacy.
That is, until, something causes us
to gasp, to inhale
until we almost
choke on breath:

in that moment of discovery,
we learn the precious hue of life,
and that slowly adds to
the all-knowing mind;
designs the all-seeing eye
that always references the horizon
and where it tips over.

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