Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Angry Young Man

He's an angry young man,
his name ain't important.
What is important
is he's angry as hell.

He's an angry young man,
but what are the causes?
There are many things to consider,
some of which I'll tell.

He's an angry young man
who's addicted to porn.
He can't get an erection,
Now he's weary and forlorn.

He's an angry young man.
He plays Call of Duty.
It's fun to shoot people
on a computer screen.

He's an angry young man,
he'll be joining the army.
It takes valour to kill
on the battlefield.

He's an angry young man
looking at a tsunami.
Some of the friends he makes
will be shot and killed.

He's an angry young man
and first girlfriend, Sarah,
told him that he
had to get a grip.

But he weren't being told
by any bloody woman.
What do they know?
He gave her the slip.

He don't dream of babies,
he just dreams of bombs.
Percussion beats of bullets,
fragments of IED songs.

He once dreamed of fireworks,
bright in the sky.
Big, brazen, beautiful,
like the 4th of July.

The fireworks now
are ugly and red.
And everyone watching
ain't gasping - they're dead.

He's an angry young man
he don't like what's expected
of him - too much, unfair,
feelings, talking, loads.

He's an angry young man,
and he's always running
head-first into danger.
That is his code.

All he wants is to be manly,
He just wants to be a man.
But all he ever is is angry.
And he'll be dead before he understands.

All, say a prayer for
the angry young man.
All, give a hug to
his mum and his dad.

As they exit the church
and the funeral song,
they're all so broken and lost,
they don't know where it went wrong.

But the angry young man
is still out there,
still fighting the ghosts
in his head.

A sad little boy
who became
an angry young man.
The thousand sore tears that he shed.

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