Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tomb of Stones

Bewildered, adj.: to be lost, 
physically, mentally, emotionally; 
to be confused, overawed, dazed...

Tempted, wandering amazed
and lost, the Jesus-Lion
seeing heavenly visions, stirring
and slurring vision, bewildered
in the overbearing wilderness
he breaks open into light: 
makes his decision.

Astonished, adj.: to be amazed,
overawed, to be overcome with joy;
to be turned into stone...

And so Lott's wife turned back
staring in wide-eyed double-vision
at the rain of hell-fire dripping like
Mars onto Sodom and Gomorrah.
'Woman,' says Lott, 'I told you
not to look back - you never bloody learn.
Abide your husband - wait your turn.'

Petrified, adj.: to be frightened, shocked,
overcome with paralysing fear; to
be turned into peat, frozen in time...

And so the Bog-Man, lost in the marshes,
his side flowering with a wound,
lay himself down on the spongy salty earth.
The rising tide enveloped his dying body.
His eyes gazed up at the cold night, pleading.
But mockery: he's twisted into history.
A contorted muddle, caressed by peat.

And so I'm rusty, the whole thing a disaster.
This language wants to eat itself up. Old invalid
tongue, rid me of this Tomb of Stones.

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