Monday, 11 March 2013

There Are Two Kinds of Woman

And although he entered you, 
did he really ever enter you? 
Did you ever let him enter you? 
Want to? Although he parted 
those silken curtains, did he ever
see behind? Did you ever let him 
dip his hand into the waters 

of your mind? So now he is gone. 
I know it - you too. And though he 
came and went, he left no residue; 
I've seen inside of you: behind 
those mirror-ball eyes, you're 
clean and clear. I'll shudder 
at your bedrock. All else is lies


Ignorance like fire shall burn you 
      through, then the only 
               thing to quench 
      will be deaf ears for you 
               to speak into, and 
      the kiss of some 
               supine wench

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