Sunday, 10 March 2013

On Solipsism

Here is why I don't believe there is a God:
it is not through lack of evidence, through tide
of rationalist proof, through the benefits
of humanism and secularism, through the knife-glinting
poker-burning bone-racked cries of history's
confess! confess! confess! and convert! It is because
of this, and this makes me hurt:

imagine a life created, purely for the benefit of man.
This is a chicken: you must breed it. You must eat it:
it is good. And this is the cow, the lamb: do the same,
but milk them. Be tender when you can. What sort of God
could do that? Nature's red in tooth and claw - sure,
I get that. But what is red about man? And what man reads
coveting in God's plan? In all those thou shalts and thou shalt nots,

between the beauties and the rots, there lies a burning question,
as I see it: what's so bad about coveting your neighbour's wife
or your neighbour's ox, when man covets the entire world?
Endless economic growth and gridlock: a malign cancer
from that first day, from that first book: be fruitful and multiply.
But after fruit there comes the fruit fly. Yet who should deprive
the fruit fly of its right, when man reigns murder in broad daylight?

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