Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Hunt

Give the bears rifles and ammo,
the elk shafts of tapered bamboo,
the lion a bow and arrow,
the badger a sett trap,
the moose a bear trap,
the cougar an electric prod

and let them go at the humans.

You'd see them drop their weapons,
discard their devices of death,
and pelt full tilt at you,
with the blank madness of animal.

In a malay of claws and teeth, they'd

clamp their slavering jaws: their justice; 
crush bone and skull beneath hoof,
tear skin from limb, and leave 
writhing pitiful jumble of meat.

Next time, go at them with your fists.

Hang your guns back on your racks:
you'll not be needing them again.
They'll keep it like this.

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