Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Valentine's Pledge

In the silence of my joy,
amongst the crowded moments
of the evening
I shall spare a moment
for you:

I shall wonder whether it hurt;
whether your wings
tore and tattered
when you landed
down here

and whether you cried
when you plucked them from
their anchors
tethering you to the bottom
of your angelic ocean.

But be happy: love need not
be trapped by the
trappings of the flesh;
I'm starting to know
love best

and I'm starting to see your
Halo so clear, though it flickers to
faintness, like a neon lamp;
all the things that I've promised
shall always bear my stamp.

So here's to you, friend:
I am so in love with your magic
even when you shrug it off
the dust falling
to your feet.

And I'll pray that you shall one day change
and stop being beaten, cease
the retreat from 
yourself: take a seat, here.
And love yourself furiously.

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