Monday, 27 June 2011

You Can Have Your Love and Eat It

Dress yourself in your own creation.
The new day ushers in a new style.
Dress and have dressed the cessation
of the truth undergirding all the while.

The steel frame, flimsy made,
the cardboard sticks, scotch tape meld,
support you, heavy, burdened maid,
and, struggling, load goes upheld.

Frailty, poor frailty of youth,
exchange not, nor questions asked.
No thoughts to be laid out as rail –
pretend to fit all under mask.

Love incomplete – care
arm half-cocked;
confidence shall sure impair
the trade,
your cellar bare, half-stocked.

Collar bones are hollow stones
and backs of knees are naked trees
and napes of necks are old birds’ nests,
and love’s cradle was never rocked.

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