Monday, 27 June 2011

Unheard Poem

is the biggest evil in the world.
Forget about arms trading,
globalisation, homogenisation,
conflict escalation,
political hesitation,
moral degeneration,
climatic destabilisation
and growing unease.

What about your fellow human?
Are your eyes open?
Did you have to jack your ear wide
to receive the token
of a spoken kiss?
(Leaning like trees.)
And was it bliss?
Did you think about this?
Were your feelings amiss?

Are their shoes uncomfortable?
Are they wet, rain cloying
through holes born of walking
and bullet talking,
more balking than the voice
of a human.

When you see through their eyes,
do the colours run?
Is there a bruised sun,
blotched moon, ugliness in bloom?
Or is the ugliness in you,
projected all askew,
as you canter like a star
throwing another off course?

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