Sunday, 5 April 2015

Welcome to the West

Welcome to the West,
all the people here sleep slow
it's a twenty-first century irregular penitentiary,
we're free walking through our self-made creep show.

Come, be a fly on the wall,
drill a hole in the wall,
come join in our fetishist peep show.
You can hide in your flat whilst the walls fill with rats,
and they mate in a smoke-stenched-out meal-hole.

Outside, the world is tearing its flesh,
we all strip at each other, trying to gain what we've lost,
we tear each other apart, the rich eat the poor,
and now we're paying the cost.

There are many stripes here:
you can wear your colours as you see fit.
But don't count on things changing
if you're central-Asian, gay
animal, or have tits.

Welcome to the West,
you're in the front row of a freak show:
it's a twenty-first century irregular penitentiary;
oh, it's a cold, cold place, but we walk on water!
Look closer: we're heading further out into deep snow.

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