Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Best Things About You

Your laugh
is the upper and lower mandibulars
cracking back and forth,
like the tail of a whip.

Your handshake

is a clinking trove
of small bones.

Your smile

is a defecation
in the mouths of children.

Your heart

is a plant pot
full of earthworms.

Your joy
is a murder of crows.

Your lungs

are slabs of filmy sac
grabbing for air.

Your brain

is a bath of acid
dissolving dead animals.

Your words

are rusted 19th century shells,
removed from the dead bodies
of brave soldiers.

Your liver

is a leaking car battery.

Your tongue is a severed tentacle

feeling its way about for sense.

Your teeth are flecks of snow

struck white, and fossilised,
in fear.

And your thoughts are the

impatient crunch of gears
on a sweet dispensing machine

as you turn and turn,

and feast on a small prize.

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