Saturday, 29 March 2014

Let It Be

One day,
he might be driving you
down some country road,
the kids in the back
joking and screaming,
and you
sitting silently
by his side.

But what if you looked
in the overhead mirror
at their two faces
and saw my eyes
in their skulls,
my hair on their heads,
my smile on their lips?

What if
you were living an illusion,
quite happy in it,
forcibly restrained in
some false self-belief
in an entirely negative

And what if I
were long gone,
with only the memory
of a slip of a girl,
such spritely wit,
writ with such self-defeat;
such a turn of phrase,
such a jagged grace?

I would not put you in a paddock
or bind you in the dock:
I’d only remember the girl
with the flame in her heart,
the fierce flame of life –
not just the fierce flame of art.

If you were to turn to me
and smile, put your hand in mine,
the breeze would guide us,
the sun would shine a path;
our hearts would be the rhythm
to which our lives played out.

So let me festoon you
with the merits you deserve;
let me be the man
moulded by the woman,
at your side; let me be
the one to let the horses out,
free, never to corral them again,

but see them dance at sundown
atop a meadowed hill,
as the sun carves their silhouettes
in the dust-excited air,
knowing they’ll find their way back home;
knowing they never had a choice.

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