Friday, 12 July 2013

Let Poetry Save Your Life

Come neglected, come dejected
come lay down your strife.

Lay down
at your mother's feet:
let poetry save your life.

You think it a thing of one dimension
full of words like 'metre' and 'scansion'

but come and feed, 
and satiate your needs;
let poetry save your life.

Your eyes are blue, but full of tears
like a sky anticipating rain;
rain and rain, again and again.

But rush out to your moonlit street;
let poetry save your life.

When you can see they aren't merely words
but glowing hearts, passed on like embers,
blown on like lit feathers of coal,

then poetry will save your life: you'll remember
for ever; you will build yourself whole.


  1. Wow, these poems are really very accomplished Robert - have they been published anywhere? They need to be!

  2. No, lol. I would do, but I like the idea of just blogging them! But I think I'm going to start submitting a few. Thanks for the kind comment. :)

  3. My gosh, you should, they are very publishable! Just be careful here that you copyright them incase of passing online magpies...!

  4. Yeah, the thought has occurred to me! I wouldn't know where to try... all those bleeding publishing fees!