Sunday, 2 June 2013

British Columbia, 2006

I remember it,
luminous as yesterday.
We'd seen the Buick
in the garage
and then we sat outside.

Total darkness.
The fire pit was kicking out its heat,
the eight of us
painted by the fluid glow
of warm orange flame.

The stars were beating down
so gently, beaming down
from history. A coyote sang 
from somewhere in the distance,
the firs were watching us, silent.

In the darkness
of a moment's light,
in the lightness
of a moment's dark,
this memory's inside my heart.

This memory's inside my bones,
distilled to marrow, in my rings.
The starlight, the fire; time zones
melt away: just one patch of the earth.
I sing, take it under my wings. Soar the surf.

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